Theatre is meant to entertain us, move us, and often provoke us. This production contains some language, special effects and depictions which may be uncomfortable for some audience members. If you have specific concerns about content and/or triggers, please contact us at

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At The Rolling Bay Hall, Bainbridge Island
MAY 2022
13-14-15  |  20-21-22
7:30pm Fridays & Saturdays  |  3pm Sundays


Directed by Karen Hauser

Produced by Gary Fetterplace

Music Composed & Performed by Jon Brenner

Costume Design by Kristi Ann Jacobson

Light & Sound Design by Erik Lawrence

Production Assistant – Stephanie Mikos

Dresser – Catherine Bennett

Production Crew – Dolly Courtway

COVID-19 Protocols

  • All actors, staff, and crew are fully vaccinated.

  • Patrons must present CDC cards/copies (i.e., proof of vaccination) prior to entry.

  • All patrons, staff, and crew must wear face masks inside the theatre.

  • Performers will wear masks when not performing.

  • Refreshments/bar service will be available outside under our heated canopy.

And Away We Go

Terrence McNally

Times change, but life in theatre remains the same: chaotic, sometimes brutal, but often euphoric, too. And Away We Go jumps through time from backstage in ancient Athens to a rehearsal at the Globe, from Versailles' Royal Theatre to the first reading of a new play by Chekhov — with an unlikely stop in Coral Gables and the American premiere of Waiting for Godot along the way.


Evan Lenz as Pallas, Cuthbert Burbage, Christopher Durant, Pavel Leshmenev, Kenny Tobias, Gordon Light

Joseph Lacko as Hector, James Burbage, Chevalier Berton, Boris Yeletsky, Archie Kelly, John Pick

Kai Lee as Danae, May Burbage, Marie-Claire, Maya Nabokov, Candace Delbo, Hazel May

Kristi Ann Jacobson as Helena, Gretna Burbage, Mlle. Picard, Nina Kozlovsky, Mildred Lahr, Anne Tedesco-Boyle

Sandi Spellman as Phoebe, Lydia Burbage, Mme. Frontain, Alexandra Mishkin, Lucine Gershwin, Shirley Channing

Tyler Weaver as Dimitris, Richard Burbage, Jean-Louis Danton, Yuri Goldovsky, Peter Duggan, Scott Harrington


“Terrence McNally plants a big wet kiss on his lifelong love — the theatre... [A] frolicsome valentine to the glorious, maddening, demanding world of footlights, spotlights and ghost lights.”

    —The New York Times

“Theater nerds, rejoice! AND AWAY WE GO delivers the goods. It's not hard to imagine the play being studied alongside Tom Stoppard's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead and Luigi Pirandello's Six Characters in Search of an Author.”


“The Tony-winning playwright loosely knits together a series of sketches for a play that’s lovingly made… It’s set at theaters around the world and at various points in history, from ancient Athens to present-day America, as they face challenges ranging from censorship to revolution. A prime opportunity for [an] ensemble to show their range in under two hours, with nary a costume change.”

—Time Out (New York)